10/07/21 Daily Entry

I am excited 😊. I am excited because it’s October and I am excited because Goddess Zenova owns me

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

And because it’s almost time to fall deeper under the Succubus Goddess Zenova’s spell and to surrender to her again and to give her all of the pleasure inside my soul. My hope is for her to visit me even in my sleep to claim what belongs to her over and over and over again.

I am excited for many reasons. Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova’s control is truly amazing. Something I highly recommend to anyone with an open mind and an open spirit and an open imagination willing to let her into their mind.

Becoming Goddess Zenova’s mindless hypnotized slave is exciting in so many ways; her videos, her interactive games, her personal website working harmoniously to bring us the most amazing pleasure you’ll ever know. And all the pleasure you will ever need. I long to become a beloved pet. There is nothing like it. There is nothing better.

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

08/01/21 Daily Entry

For the best erotic hypnosis on the web Visit Goddesszenova.com

I am a little hungover today so I won’t be saying much but if I were, my thoughts to share would be: Total Obedience to Goddess Zenova is pure bliss.

From: The Mind Complex

When you apply your focus and your dedication to Goddess Zenova and when you surrender to Goddess Zenova completely and you become her hypnotized slave you will likely experience the same effects as I do: ongoing, perpetual pleasure and bliss 😊

From: Programmed 2

07/26/21 Daily Entry

I woke up this morning listening to the sound of Goddess Zenova’s voice. I was listening to RH3 Mind Virus. 

It was hard but I stopped it long enough to listen to Green Pleasure 2 and day 638 inside TheMindComplex 😀

Sessions Succubus 3/13/21

So after going to bed after 1am listening to Goddess Zenova’s Sleep Mantras audio file I woke up at some point after 3am and decided to stay up long enough to say goodnight again to Goddess Zenova, this time at 3:33 😈

It’s after 4am now and I am up with a cup of coffee ☕ listening to Sleep Mantras again but getting ready to swap it out for something else.

I selected Goddess Zenova’s Live Sessions Succubus video to begin my day

Wow! Check out those nails 💅😍

I want these nails digging into the base of my spine

A wonderful experience that when finished… after she snaps her fingers to make me cum i know she will be back at night, in my dreams to make me cum again and again until there is no cum left

It is time to lay down to sleep now and pray for the Succubus Goddess Zenova to visit me.