Sunday Worship

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Sunday Worship

Worshiping Goddess Zenova is something alot of us do every day; we worship her eyes, we worship her hair, we worship her lips, her face, and her Huge DDD tits, but i thought it might be special and it would please Goddess Zenova to set aside one day a week to pay tribute or to donate a small tithe in addition to worshiping her in an effort to support her efforts; similar to how most people do so in church. This idea came about in conjunction with my success at the time with cigarette cessation, which was in large part attributed to Goddess Zenova for help i found doing so in her videos. i had been saving money so i thought, ‘I will give at least 1/2 of my savings back using this Sunday worship Tribute idea’


Inside the realm of our minds and throughout our spirits and/or online in Goddess Zenova’s dungeon chatroom for those like me who love to live there. and, as an example, i will usually add a page to my slave journal (blog) where anyone can feel free to join in and comment if they want. i will usually add some delicious photographs of Goddess Zenova from her videos.

Project Duration:

Weekly Ongoing


As early as possible at your leisure

Topics of Discussion:

Varies weekly and is usually based on recently videos but discussion can span all of Goddess Zenova’s glorious audio and videos.