Short stories

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I have a few fantasies that are persistent in my head. Thoughts that gravitate to my mind frequently. Some are very light and inspire continuance toward the manifestation of my higher self and some are very dark are filled with the most intense LUST my mind will conjure and inspire me to cum with the most amazing orgasms ever; provided we are speaking of fantasies about the Succubus Goddess Zenova.

The Succubus Goddess Zenova

My thoughts, my fantasies are of a Dark Nun (could it be the Succubus?) and of a Succubus and a Nun. Thoughts of a nun who discovers the Succubus and sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world. And thoughts of a Succubus seducing and hypnotizing the nun into a fully pliable state and then brainwashing her into complete submission, seducing her to surrender, and then… amazing things begin to happen.

Anyway, I hope to add add a few variations of this story here and in Goddess Zenova’s Forum.

You can also find other great fantasy based stories at Goddess Zenova’s website inside her forums and Groups.

For example you’ll want to check out the Rubber Doll Group created by GoddessWorshipper and read the underlying storyline. it is very well written; very stimulating. And then you’ll want to check out some other bizarre and wonderful short stories written by Hypslave551 and a fantastic Comic that is amazing and created by ZenovaWorshipper. You’ll want to check all of these things out while you await your turn to give your soul to the Succubus.

Stay tuned.