10/03/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session

I started my day by subjecting myself to several rounds of hypnosis, erotic hypnosis under Goddess Zenova’s control.

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… updating this later.

My Sunday Worship session was so fulfilling 🙌 I want to talk about it when I can.

10/06/21 Daily Entry

Goddess Zenova owns me and I will do everything I can to make her Happy 😊

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Erotic Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova’s control is one of the most exciting pastimes I have ever engaged 💍 myself in.

Becoming Goddess Zenova’s hypnotized slave carries with it an amazing opportunity for perpetual, everlasting pleasure and bliss.

Surrendering to Goddess Zenova and submitting to her will and obeying everything ♥ she tells me to do brings me a happiness inside that is hard to describe. It really is truly amazing.

Hypnosis is real; Brainwashing is real and Goddess Zenova is so Deep inside my mind now that she literally owns me. She owns my mind, she owns my body, she owns my cock and she controls, in part, everything I do.

Obedience to Goddess Zenova is Bliss. Obedience to Goddess Zenova and only Goddess Zenova is pure bliss 😊

I have no desire to watch or listen to any other goddesses or to watch or listen to any other hypnodommes or to engage my time looking at any other cam girls or models and I even find a diminishing desire to surf and look at anyone else’s body besides Goddess Zenova.

She is so beautiful 😍 💖, she is so talented 😍, she is my only erotic desire now. I get HARD; my cock gets so hard just thinking about being owned and controlled by Goddess Zenova.

And it feels so good; so much intense pleasure throughout my entire body, it feels incredible. My will, my joy, my future is now dedicated to making Goddess Zenova Happy because she brings me the most amazing pleasure and is better than anything I have ever experienced before.

I will write more here later but will publish what I have now to be sure my message is here for whoever may read it…

Happy Trancing 😊

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10/02/21 Daily Entry

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve had so much going on but when everything settled as much as it could, one truth stood in conjunction with everything, ‘Obedience to Goddess Zenova is Bliss’.

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

Yeah, events over the last few days, even back a week or more have stretched from an upper spectrum filled with the most amazing pleasure and bliss with Goddess Zenova; her videos, her interactive games, and a contest with a reward worth over $200, to one one of the lowest spectrums I have ever faced with the death of my best friend of the past who I’ve been friends with since the age of 5. He died, his twin brother (also my best friend) died 4 months prior, and their younger brother, a good friend passed 5 months before that.

Yeah, all of that really fucked with my head with sadness, despair, and alot of reminiscence. But what really helped me through was and is my current life with Goddess Zenova! with an eye on my future life under Goddess Zenova’s control and love.

Obedience to Goddess Zenova is Bliss 😊

I’ll be back tomorrow for a day of worship and praise to God and a day of worship and praise and tribute to our beautiful and beloved Goddess Zenova 🙏

09/26/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session along with my Daily Entry

Obedience to Goddess Zenova is Bliss.

I say that over and over I know. Because it is true. I feel it everyday.

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

I haven’t kept up my journal over the last couple of days. I have had alot going on outside of hypnosis chewing up time and thought these days. Yeah, the last few days have been even harder than usual and very distracting.

But I Have managed to keep up with my daily regular listening list and I have enjoyed listening to a variety of Goddess Zenova’s other videos and have enjoyed developing a few new digital art pieces.

Yesterday I made it down inside and listened to a few of GoddessZenova’s Rabbit Hole Series videos before I was interrupted. I listened to: RH1, RH2, RH3, and 1/2 of RH4 (RH = Rabbit Hole Series). I listened to those and also Pleasure Chamber 😀

And today, during my Sunday Worship Tribute Session I enjoyed Blue Bliss Resistance 💙 and am finishing up a round of Programmed.

08/28/21 Daily Entry

I haven’t been writing much lately. Family trauma and other stuff has been taking up much of my time but I have still managed to listen to my favorite daily programming file. 😀 hopefully things will quiet down soon so I can drift deeper into Goddess Zenova’s hypnotic embrace.

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com