09/20/21 Daily Entry

There is NO better way to start my day than by drinking a cup of coffee while listening to a hypnosis file by Goddess Zenova.

I have 100’s of Goddess Zenova’s hypnosis videos to choose from and I watch them all at various times but I have 1 that has become as regular as drinking water everyday;

In 36 days, I will have watched or listened to TheMindComplex everyday for 2 YEARS. An incredible feat in My mind. It is an obedience/ mind control theme as opposed to JOI or HFO or resistance themes. 🤔 Perfect for everyday consumption.

While that particular file is my favorite everyday file ever, I also try to view Goddess Zenova’s new files everyday for at least a week and some I feel warrant more time to ingest. Programmed, Triggered, and Green Pay Mantras are a few examples.

Listening to these files everyday feels so Good 👍 😌

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

Today, I have alot to do so my time to sit around in a hypnotized state of mind is limited.

One Priority I have though is to continue my research inside Goddess Zenova’s interactive floor at Level-2. There is a contest that runs through the end of this month; with a free month of Level-3 involved. Whoever finds and answers Goddess Zenova’s riddles are able then to join that contest.

I hope to win 🏆 🙏 😌 but know that the fun in just trying will be enough to make the effort worthwhile. And I am sure doing so will allow Goddess Zenova even Deeper inside my mind 😌

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