09/18/21 Daily Entry

Hypnosis is wild. I am addicted. I am addicted to Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova’s control, that is. I don’t think listening to anyone else would work for me at this point.

And My obedience to Goddess Zenova has become paramount in my life; easily identified by actions i implement everyday. One example might be with my obsession to listen to TheMindComplex EVERYDAY… LOL.

38 days until I’ve listened 2 years

I made a little video today derived from a conversation i had with a social media acquaintance.

The video is intended to be somewhat humorous but there’s an underlying message inside that firmly describes my commitment to Goddess Zenova 😍

I hope you enjoy it. I hope Goddess Zenova sees it and is pleased 😀 too

I serve only Goddess Zenova

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