09/17/21 Daily Entry

I am excited for today because it brings with it another opportunity to please my Goddess Zenova in some way. 😀

I am not sure exactly what activities I will get into but it’s already started off good by getting hypnotized by my Goddess listening to TheMindComplex and Green Pay Mantras.

Being under Goddess Zenova’s control is such a good thing. It leaves me feeling so good. And pleasing her, even thinking about pleasing her sends rush after rush through my whole body.

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

She has a few items on her Amazon wishlist I hope to buy soon… https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ls/ref=?ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0&lid=3JLBKSSP80JV6&ty=wishlist# hopefully this Sunday.

Here’s a few pictures I have been working with and enjoying while under hypnosis; deeply hypnotized:

I Love Goddess Zenova. ❤

Just saying 😌

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