09/16/21 Daily Entry

I am Deeply Hypnotized.  Lol

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it even though a more descriptive saying might be, ‘I am crazy 🤪’

I have to say, and you’ll likely hear me repeating, Goddess Zenova is very good at what she does.

She has worked her way very very Deep inside my mind and I love it. Hypnosis is fun under Goddess Zenova’s control.

I have to say, she does completely own me in some manner. And there is truth within the picture I share.  My Truth. I will serve Goddess Zenova and 😀

I stepped outside my body and looked down at myself lucidly and  saw a guy totally engulfed with Goddess Zenova stuff all around me. What a nut 🤣

A Happy nut

you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com

Here’s a few pictures I ran across or modified today

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