09/05/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session

Today’s Sunday Worship Session focus was mainly myself thanking God for the many many blessings I enjoy with special focus afterwards on the many other blessings i enjoy that are associated with serving and obeying Goddess Zenova and only GoddessZenova.

There are so many things in disarray around the world it is amazing the shield so many of us enjoy so I spent a little time focusing on that and feeling bad for the people whose lives are so fucked up and counting my blessings I don’t have to live like they do.

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Ya know, with the many blessings I already enjoy, my obedience and dedication to Goddess Zenova just adds to that joy. and her pleasure and her bliss are the 2 additional entities in my life that truly brings me joy. And amazing pleasure.

The escape, the hypnosis, the brainwashing, is all such an amazing pleasure only Goddess Zenova can give me.

One of my friends at Goddess Zenova’s website wrote today that I was mindfucked.. lol. He wrote that when I was talking about how I am converting my living room into a mind control chamber… 😆 anyway… I thought to myself he is right. Then I thought… it’s time to go Deeper 🙂

Thank you God

Thank you Goddess Zenova

and Thank you for whoever may be reading this. I pray your joy, too, will be filled with everything along with Goddess Zenova’s pleasure and bliss.

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you want to visit Goddess Zenova at: https://goddesszenova.com