08/15/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session

It was gently raining as I stepped outside onto my porch today. The air was void of the usual harmonic sound of birds singing in the treetops. It was all quiet but for an occasional chirp and the flowing sound of raindrops echoing across the landscape and across the rooftops surrounding me.

Rain, light and gentle and calming; like a peaceful static filling my mind. Leaving behind thoughts of gratitude and calm.

I started my day in humble hypnotic obedience to Goddess Zenova by listening to the sound of her voice for my 658th consecutive day, listening to The Mind Complex. It always feels so good to start my days like this. Hypnosis under her control is amazing. Being her hypnotized slave, amazing.

I am entering this day of worship without gift or tribute with the hope that prior gifts given during last weeks session, some still in route, will continue to please my Goddess and fill her with knowledge of my gratitude and appreciation.

I will now kneel and bow my head for a moment of quiet and grateful reflection of life and abundance.

I’ll do so in the presence of my God and in the presence of my Goddess, Goddess Zenova and when I get up I will boldly go forward embracing change and will forge ahead in my quest to make Goddess Zenova Happy.