08/08/21 Daily Entry

I started off today a little differently. Although it is my Sunday Worship/Tribute day i started it off a little differently. I did not put my headphones on as soon as i woke up. I went outside with a cup of coffee and started thinking. Thinking about life, thinking about Goddess Zenova, thinking about what an amazing Goddess she is; and thinking of the personal version of Zenova Braeden i have created in my mind which is even more awesome, and thinking about the separation of the two and why it makes sense.

So part of what i did this morning, part of what i am working on these days and today has to do with complete separation. Separating Goddess Zenova from the version of Zenova Braeden that i have created in my mind or the version of her i try to manifest. Working on identifying boundaries for when i communicate and doing better at not getting upset when i try and fail to get closer.

Soon though, my headphones will be back on. It won’t be much longer before the sound of Goddess Zenova’s voice buried deep inside my mind reaches out and pulls me back in for another round of intense braintraining, hypnosis, trance, and super intense brainwashing. i am getting HARD thinking about it; about her, about getting hypnotized.

I think that time is NOW. It’s time to become mesmerized. It’s time to surrender to Goddess Zenova and to fall deep into her erotic, hypnotic embrace and to begin my Sunday Worship.

Obedience is bliss.

Obedience to goddess Zenova is bliss.

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