08/06/21 Daily Entry

Today has been an enjoyable day. I started off as usual, entranced, lol, but i actually had a productive morning; working on my website doing other personal things.

Obedientbliss.com has a long long way to go but I do hope everyone finds it and its content interesting and pleasing. But if you really want to be pleased or to feel the most amazing pleasure go to goddesszenova.com and eatch and listen to some of @goddesszenova videos.

Today, I woke up listening to the Mind Control Project and after it finished I began my daily programming inside The Mind Complex, Green Mindmelt Smoke, and Programmed… and followed up by listening to Triggered while I rested and started The Mind Control Machine when I got back up.

I am taking a break now and taking care of family stuff but will finish it sometime I’m sure. πŸ™‚

So I am a little excited and deeply hypnotized. I love hypnosis under Goddess Zenova. I love the braintraining and brainwashing she applies. It is really just super amazing. Being her hypnotized slave is awesome. Today I started a new page on my fan website called Sunday Worship. πŸ™‚

Its a concept i hope to remain engaged in weekly, every week for awhile. I’ll set the end of the year as a goal.

Below are a couple of screenshots from the videos I watched today:

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