08/04/21 Daily Entry

Total obedience to @goddesszenova is my desire, my passion; my goal; and has served in the manifestation of a reality i have sought since puberty. i will serve her; forsaking all other goddesses and mistresses and cam girls and anyone else who may desire my attention, my pleasure or my obedience. This won’t be difficult because everything i need for pleasure and obedience can be found with @goddesszenova at her website goddesszenova.com and by watching and listening to her videos.

All others. Historically, i have mainly only purchased, watched and listened to goddess Zenova’s videos but there were a couple of times i purchased and watched and listened to a couple of other hypnodommes a couple of times when my psychological skies were dark; All of my other hypnosis videos and files came from Goddess Zenova.

Goddess Zenova is my Only goddess and is the only goddess i wish to serve and is the only one who can give me the pleasure i seek through obedience to her. She is the only goddess i want to goon for or to stroke for or cum for or to please. This video helped me know it is time to tighten up the ship and become an even more honorable slave to Goddess Zenova. The slave i am meant to be and the pet i desire to be. Her pet. Her slave.

i started off my day of hypnosis, trance, hypnotic therapy by watching The Mind Complex again and followed that up with Green Mindmelt Smoke and 2 rounds of Programmed 2. What a good start! Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova is so relaxing and a perfect way to begin everyday.

Obedience is Bliss and everything i need for pleasure and obedience can be found by watching and listening to her videos at goddesszenova.com