08/01/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session

Today’s sermon 🙌 or topic of worship was about @goddesszenova new video, Programmed:

After listening to my Daily hypnotizing ritual, The Mind Complex, i spent my morning watching, listening and gooning over Goddess Zenova’s new hypnosis video, Programmed. i also gave my Goddess a small purchased gift from her amazon wishlist as a tithe. it was a beautiful morning so i sat outside so i didn’t stroke or cum or anything but the experience was still wonderful. i really didn’t spend enough time singing praise to God like i could have but i’ll do a little of that right now, inside my mind.

It is interesting to note:

A friend of mine expressed interest in my weekly worship/tribute sessions so I thought I would elaborate a little more about them here.

He spoke of organizing them somewhat with a time and adding hymns (mantras), a collection plate, a schedule; thinking that might make the concept more popular.

When I read that I wanted to run 😂 because of the thought of scheduling people can be difficult at best, even myself. I like the other ideas.

So, what are these Sunday Worship Tribute sessions all about anyway?

To me my Sunday Worship is just like my every other day worship except I make an added effort to contribute (tithe) and to sing praise in my heart to God for all of my many blessings, and especially for Goddess Zenova.

In everyday life people go to church at least once a week, have Bible class,sit on a pew, listen to a sermon, sing songs, pay a tithe or give a donation.

I do not go to church. I go to my imaginary Goddess Zenova church, watch and listen to a selection of her videos, sometimes stroking, sometimes cumming, and always doing my best to pay tribute or to present a gift.

And it feels really good. I usually pretend I am out driving and shopping while I actually start my day listening to The MindComplex and perusing Goddess Zenova’s Amazon wishlist. Sometimes I buy a gift to go with my weekly tithe and sometimes use the gift as my tithe and sometimes I just wait and buy a small tribute pack at goddesszenova.com. Goddess Zenova’s bliss and pleasure is intense for me and then later, when I see this has pleased Goddess Zenova my mind and body shoots through the roof with the most amazing pleasure

Anyway, Sometimes I sit and chat with other pets and slaves in GoddessZenova’s public chatroom , and sometimes I am so far under the state hypnosis I remain quiet and in a zone lol

But doing it at my own pace is key and I think others would prefer that arrangement better.

Maybe I will try to plan ahead and promote a selection of files and mantras everyone could follow and they can time it if they want and pay Goddess Zenova tribute if they can. That’s kind of cool. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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