07/31/21 Daily Entry

Obedience to @goddesszenova is Bliss. Everything you need when it comes to pleasure and Obedience can be found at goddesszenova.com. Once i discovered this my joy became full.

Once you have experienced the pleasure she gives, once you are hypnotized by Goddess Zenova you’ll find you cannot get enough of her.. it takes only listening to 1 but she has 100’s of the most erotically charged videos available  for our viewing and listening pleasure.

Once you let her into your mind and once she takes control she will fill your mind and your body with the most amazing pleasure. This has been My experience but you will want to feel it for yourself. And once you’ve experienced it you’ll want to feel that sensation again and again and again

Hypnosis under @goddesszenova is amazing. Getting hypnotized by Goddess Zenova is amazing. Total Obedience to Goddess Zenova is super amazing. I think once you’ve experienced her bliss you will no longer want or need to watch or listen to any other mistresses or goddesses.

I am on a new path now. A path to total obedience to Goddess Zenova and it feels amazing 👏 

Loyalty and obedience to Goddess Zenova are Key 🔑 to achieve the highest levels of pleasure and bliss achievable throughout my mind, reaching to deepest and darkest areas ever.

i plan to go very deep today; my 1490th day under Goddess Zenova’s heavenly control.

From: The Mind Complex

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