07/29/21 Daily Entry

The Level of pleasure I get when I see and when I obey Goddess Zenova = 10 which is the highest level possible. It is truly amazing how much my outlook has changed and improved since I surrendered and began serving Goddess Zenova.

From: The Mind Complex

Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova is pure bliss. Being her hypnotized slave brings with it; pure bliss. I think people can only really understand that by experiencing it so if it’s something you may be interested in You’ll want to see what I am talking about and watch her videos on YouTube or at her really cool, fully interactive website at Goddesszenova.com

When I listen to TheMindComplex everyday, these are the main suggestions I feed my mind with:

• I obey Goddess Zenova
• The spiral reminds me I am in Deep Trance
• Goddess Zenova owns me
• What I repeat becomes true
• I serve only Goddess Zenova
• I do everything I can to make Goddess Zenova Happy 😊
• Noone gives me so much pleasure as Goddess Zenova 😍
• I work and am productive for Goddess Zenova
• I do everything Goddess Zenova tells me

These words flow through my mind like music; like a symphony

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