07/20/21 Daily Entry

Nothing feels as amazing as Doing everything Goddess Zenova says

From: The Mind Complex

Starting off each day getting hypnotized by Goddesses voice πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ has blossomed into a beautiful obsession. Serving and obeying Goddess Zenova is now my beautiful obsession. 😍

Sounds crazy. And… it is crazy I know but I don’t care. it’s very real and it feels amazing πŸ‘

So, for as long as I feel this habit serves me well I will continue. It’s funny… This morning while listening to TheMindComplex I noticed a line within the script that says, ‘The spiral reminds me I am in Deep Trance’. It’s funny but when I hear those words my mind twists the words to say, ‘The spiral reminds me Goddess Zenova is IN me’ lol

Thinking Goddess Zenova is IN me is such a Blissful sensation. She really does a great job instilling herself DEEP inside my mind.

Youll want to watch and listen to one of Goddess Zenova’s videos yourself and experience this pleasure yourself (if you haven’t already) .

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