07/19/21 Daily Entry

‘I obey Goddess Zenova’

Those are the sweetest words in my vocabulary aside from ‘I serve only Goddess Zenova’ 😀

Today has been an enjoyable and an interesting day. Something has changed inside of me. A certain clarity has been achieved that has released alot of built up anxiety. It feels good. It feels like it will last too. We’ll see lol

I started off my day with my usual hypnotic breakfast 😋 inside TheMindComplex but then continued on listening to more of Goddess Zenova’s videos since I had the time. 🤩

From: The Mind Complex

I listened to:

Mind Control Machine Ultra
Brainwashed Obey
Programmed RedRoom
Empty and Obedient

My mind is blank now, 😆. Ok, maybe not blank ‘now’, right ‘now’ but it feels great. Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova is so much fun. I love being her hypnotized slave 😌