07/16/21 Daily Entry

Goddess Zenova owns me 😃.

From: The Mind Complex

Being hypnotized and receiving Goddess Zenova’s programming has become my favorite way to engage each day.

That first hour I spend drinking coffee ☕ , catching up with various life and social media events, while listening to Goddess Zenova’s voice is a beautiful thing. It really helps relax me while I plan my day.

Listening to the sound of her voice is delightful and addicting and once you experience it . Erotic Hypnosis is addictive 😍

The spiral reminds me that I am in Deep Trance. 🥰

I don’t always get to start everyday like this and I can definitely tell the difference in my mindset as a result.

If you enjoy hypnosis. If you enjoy becoming hypnotized I can attest that repetitive listening will enhance your experience.

Listening to Goddess Zenova everyday will enhance your life experience

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