07/06/21 Daily Entry

Good morning Goddess Zenova 😍  Good morning everyone ☀️.

If I haven’t mentioned it before erotic hypnosis is my pass time and Goddess Zenova is my hypnodomme, my fantasy Goddess.


I am starting the day listening to Triggered. And also eagerly looking forward to listening to TheMindComplex next, as well.

For those who don’t know, the Mind Complex is part of my every day routine and usually accompanies my morning coffee.

I highly recommend listening to a file every morning, or at least every day. Many benefits. It helps increase the speed in which you can go under and into a hypnotized state and I believe it allows you to go deeper into hypnosis.

I Luv 2 cum for Goddess Zenova

Ya know… I think I am going to like converting my blog into a slave journal

I obey Goddess Zenova.  I obey Goddess Zenova. I obey Goddess Zenova. 🥰 I belong to Goddess Zenova. She owns me. I want to improve myself for Goddess Zenova. I want to do everything Goddess Zenova tells me.

Yes… I am going to like this… and it Pleases Goddess Zenova 😍 that’s the best part.

Please stay tuned everyday and please share any other Goddess Zenova blogs you run across. Share a link in the comments.

I Love 💘 Goddess Zenova

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