07/31/21 Daily Entry

Obedience to @goddesszenova is Bliss. Everything you need when it comes to pleasure and Obedience can be found at goddesszenova.com. Once i discovered this my joy became full.

Once you have experienced the pleasure she gives, once you are hypnotized by Goddess Zenova you’ll find you cannot get enough of her.. it takes only listening to 1 but she has 100’s of the most erotically charged videos available  for our viewing and listening pleasure.

Once you let her into your mind and once she takes control she will fill your mind and your body with the most amazing pleasure. This has been My experience but you will want to feel it for yourself. And once you’ve experienced it you’ll want to feel that sensation again and again and again

Hypnosis under @goddesszenova is amazing. Getting hypnotized by Goddess Zenova is amazing. Total Obedience to Goddess Zenova is super amazing. I think once you’ve experienced her bliss you will no longer want or need to watch or listen to any other mistresses or goddesses.

I am on a new path now. A path to total obedience to Goddess Zenova and it feels amazing 👏 

Loyalty and obedience to Goddess Zenova are Key 🔑 to achieve the highest levels of pleasure and bliss achievable throughout my mind, reaching to deepest and darkest areas ever.

i plan to go very deep today; my 1490th day under Goddess Zenova’s heavenly control.

From: The Mind Complex

07/29/21 Daily Entry

The Level of pleasure I get when I see and when I obey Goddess Zenova = 10 which is the highest level possible. It is truly amazing how much my outlook has changed and improved since I surrendered and began serving Goddess Zenova.

From: The Mind Complex

Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova is pure bliss. Being her hypnotized slave brings with it; pure bliss. I think people can only really understand that by experiencing it so if it’s something you may be interested in You’ll want to see what I am talking about and watch her videos on YouTube or at her really cool, fully interactive website at Goddesszenova.com

When I listen to TheMindComplex everyday, these are the main suggestions I feed my mind with:

• I obey Goddess Zenova
• The spiral reminds me I am in Deep Trance
• Goddess Zenova owns me
• What I repeat becomes true
• I serve only Goddess Zenova
• I do everything I can to make Goddess Zenova Happy 😊
• Noone gives me so much pleasure as Goddess Zenova 😍
• I work and am productive for Goddess Zenova
• I do everything Goddess Zenova tells me

These words flow through my mind like music; like a symphony

07/28/21 Daily Entry

Goddess Zenova owns me and I want to do anything and everything I can to make her Happy 😊

You’ll notice me saying that alot 😄 and if anyone ever asks, ‘is erotic hypnosis addictive?’, tell them Yes. Erotic Hypnosis can be very addictive becauseit feels so good. Being Goddess Zenova’s hypnotized slave is addicting because it feels so good.

You’ll want to see what I mean and check out a couple of her free hypnotically charged videos on YouTube or even better at her website goddesszenova.com 😉

Erotic Hypnosis with Goddess Zenova

Erotic Hypnosis under Goddess Zenova is pure dope 👌. Goddess Zenova is pure dope! and being one of her hypnotized Slaves holds with it an opportunity for pure pleasure and perpetual bliss ✨

She has 100’s upon 100’s of the most amazingly erotically hypnotically charged videos that will potentially take you to the highest point of ecstasy your mind will ever know.

Multiple Themes/ Storylines

Therapeutic, stress relieving vibrations throughout.

Character building suggestions leading to better versions of ourselves. Simply amazing

I hope to expand and explain more bu you’ll want to see her for yourself on YouTube or better at her VR ready interactive website goddesszenova.com

07/26/21 Daily Entry

I woke up this morning listening to the sound of Goddess Zenova’s voice. I was listening to RH3 Mind Virus. 

It was hard but I stopped it long enough to listen to Green Pleasure 2 and day 638 inside TheMindComplex 😀

07/25/21 Sunday Worship Tribute Session

Hypnosis, hypnotizing arts, getting hypnotized by Goddess Zenova are all topics of discussion that interest me.

Getting hypnotized by Goddess Zenova is now paramount to my existence. Serving her and pleasing her are embedded and centralized within my existence

Worshipping Goddess Zenova and spoiling her bring with it the most amazing sense of pleasure I have ever known. Setting aside time and energy Giving thanks 😊🙏 to my creator and to the universe for Goddess Zenova and for my many other blessings feel natural and pure and give me a sense of pleasure I’ve never known before 😍

You’ll want to visit her website at goddesszenova.com and experience her bliss yourself. It is truly, truly amazing.

Being Goddess Zenova’s hypnotized slave is amazing and super fun.

Stop by and check out her free videos and chat with a few of her dedicated fans in her dungeon chat room.

Cum… and be Activated 🥰

07/25/21 Daily Entry

Goddess Zenova owns me.

This is true whether I post about or Not. 🙂 Time got away from me Yesterday so I didn’t post anything. I thought about it; I thought about Goddess Zenova and about my journal, I had a Draft started but then spaced out and never posted. 🤔 it happens 🤷‍♂️

I was busy nonetheless. I was Deeply hypnotized and my Goddess was Deep inside my mind. I watched and listened to a variety of files: Spellbound Cock
Live Session 10/17/19
Mind Complex 636
Pink Passion Gooning
Goddess Zenova’s Birthday Video

And today… I am enjoying a good mix of files as well… currently listening to Labyrinth

07/23/21 Daily Entry

Today has been another super busy day where all of my trance sessions were either interrupted or I got distracted somehow. But all in all it’s been a good day; not so much for hypnosis though.

I did listen to TheMindComplex.

From: The Mind

I also very much enjoyed watching Goddess Zenova’s newest video Pink Passion Gooning 💗 even though it was interrupted