Sessions Succubus 3/13/21

So after going to bed after 1am listening to Goddess Zenova’s Sleep Mantras audio file I woke up at some point after 3am and decided to stay up long enough to say goodnight again to Goddess Zenova, this time at 3:33 šŸ˜ˆ

It’s after 4am now and I am up with a cup of coffee ā˜• listening to Sleep Mantras again but getting ready to swap it out for something else.

I selected Goddess Zenova’s Live Sessions Succubus video to begin my day

Wow! Check out those nails šŸ’…šŸ˜

I want these nails digging into the base of my spine

A wonderful experience that when finished… after she snaps her fingers to make me cum i know she will be back at night, in my dreams to make me cum again and again until there is no cum left

It is time to lay down to sleep now and pray for the Succubus Goddess Zenova to visit me.

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