Sunday Worship 3/7/21

I went to bed last night listening to Succubus Summoning and woke up hearing Goddess Zenova snapping her fingers and chanting instructions saying, ‘Cum for Me, Cum for Me.

But what was odd, was when I woke up I was listening to Green Pantyhose and not Succubus Summoning anymore.   I had changed tracts through the night 🌙 in anticipation of church today.

So I got up, fixed myself a cup of coffee ☕, and started my day; my day of worship: my day of singing praise to God and to the universe in preparation of worshipping the most beautiful goddess ever created,, Goddess Zenova.

So, I never made it to church. I never finished this blog but I had a good day. Pay Forward was a success. I may do it again someday. It’s a good concept.

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