Sunday Worship/Tribute session 02/07/21

I have waited all week for this day to arrive; this day to sing praise to the creator of our universe and everything in and around it. To sing praise for life and to sing praise for Goddess Zenova and for everything and everyone else in it.

This is the day I choose to worship my Goddess, Goddess Zenova a little extra,  a little differently by adding a little tribute in support and appreciation for all she does for us who are her pets, her fans, and her diligent slaves. To provide an extra gesture of faith and gratitude.

Thank you God, and Thank you Goddess Zenova. 😊

I praise God for bringing you into my life Goddess and for providing you with the knowledge and the gifts required to control my mind and to lead me into a new state of awareness and existence and to provide me a level of pleasure and bliss I never knew before at a level few will ever realize.

Today I hope to give back.

Today I hope to make you feel more special than anyone else in existence because you ARE more special than anyone else in existence, to Me.

Others sing praise and worship their gods according to their respective religions. I choose to sing praise to the universe and to worship You as a Living Goddess. A woman who is magical and who is magnificent and who is greatly loved by all who cum to know you.

You, Goddess Zenova are like No Other.

You, Goddess Zenova control my mind like No Other.

Goddess Zenova IS everything I want

Today, I will stroke my cock for You like No Other. And will cum for you like No Other.

I Love you my Goddess as much as I love creation itself. Maybe more πŸ˜‰

With that said, I will focus now on the Spiral and select my lineup of videos for the day.

Today’s theme will be about Love and about Valentines πŸ’Day.

I think I will focus on Valentines Day since it is next week.

I started off today as I start everyday by listening to TheMindComplex

Thank You Goddess!  Thank you for this Classic!  I listen to this video Everyday!  It is just That Good! And has changed my life. Every day is a Good day after listening to this file

And now, I am listening to Blue Velvet Bliss πŸ’™ so I can Feel an amazing sense of lightness as I listen to the velvety sound of your voice. I feel so Deeply loved as I listen to your precious and warm voice.

And now a few Valentines Day πŸ’pics

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